Billy’s Wembley Hoodoo

img_0024Sunday morning, laying in bed wishing for another 5 minutes and pondering how the day will pan out. The weather is dark, wet, uninviting and miserable . I check my phone for the latest Spurs news and Twitter feeds hoping for glint or a nod towards what I can expect from the football today.

Previous visitors had stunted our ambition to play open, attractive football and literally parked the bus. Frustrating our strikers and nullifying our loyal fans into almost total state of quiet. The corporate bowl is an unforgiving place when the fervour is reduced to murmur and mild discontent.

We would welcome Liverpool. That great bastion of attacking football that as a child I hated more than the Goons. There were a few horrid moments when I’d return from my paper round to discover that some bloke called Rush (sporting tights shorts and a remarkable lack of front teeth) had broken my footballing heart and snatched another trophy from Spurs grasp.

The journey was uneventful and surprisingly quick considering the events taking place in the Wembley area. Scheduling the Teens awards on the same day as a major football match would always place strain on the local infrastructure – chaos is predicted.

Bill is late for the bus (strike 1!!).

Watkins Folly then on to Punjabi. Welcomed again by our great host Josh at the Novotel. Almost 30 strong this time and chuffed to find out we are among the chosen few that will remain on guest list for the forthcoming fixtures. This is now an oversubscribed event and if your names not down your not coming in – SDS are in!

Atmosphere builds and game commences. Liverpool fans in fine voice and Spurs matching them with ease. Early goal – Harry Kane. I leap from my seat and high five the nearest ecstatic fan. Aware that vertigo may kick in at any stage i sit back down. Two – I text OMFG to any Spurs friends not fortunate enough to be at the ground!

Then Spursy anxiety (its in the medical journal) creeps in . A goal from Salah and the Reds are back in the game. However, this was to be our day. The third came and then the fourth. Kane had broken his season long hoodoo at home with a brace, the premiership attendance record smashed by over four thousand and the first win against Liverpool for many a year. Result!  We are joint second behind Manchester City. Liverpool were woeful and if it wasn’t for his charm and enduring laugh, Klopp may be in the same situation as his Everton counterpart.

At the end of the game I heeded the advise from the wise old heads and selected the route around Wembley arena towards Folly and up the road to The Torch. I couldn’t resist taking a picture from Wembley way bridge of the crowds massing from the stadium. As predicted fights breaking out as the gates to Wembley Park are drawn shut.

Arrive at The Torch, share a chip and discuss how great the game was. Passengers arrive, Ralphie with whisky and a Charlotte in hand. No Bill!

We wait for 20 minutes, then 30. Should we send out a search party? God forbid, Is he in a ditch somewhere? Or has the lunatic decided to ignore all advise and take the Wembley Way route.

Finally out of the shadows arrives Bill (strike 2!!). Breathing heavily, sweating Thatcher’s Gold and apologising profusely.  He had ignored all advise. Club fine to be decided!



3 thoughts on “Billy’s Wembley Hoodoo

  1. Ian says:

    Best game to date at Wembley, Billy would be forgiven all today, although still unsure if he went back for a snifter at Punjabi after the game

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