Fritzl, Flags & Fairy Lights

Two games in a week – one home to West Ham United and one away to Manchester United. Two games & two losses. With Real Madrid looming on the horizon are we on the brink of a mini wobble brought on by the cup capitulation against an out of form Hammers and untimely loss of Harry to a minor hamstring injury?

This coming week we entertain the European Champions. Masters of hustle and total football. They will no doubt try and pull, kick and wind up Dele (too easily done) whilst enticing Harry into hamstring destroying lunges and over exertion.

SDS are travelling on mass to Wembley on Wednesday afternoon. After the emphatic victory over Liverpool moral has been high and to a man looking forward with positive anticipation to the glamour tie. Ambitious enough to even believe we could do the same to Madrid. Now all of a sudden that little doubt; that dreaded ‘Spursy’ feeling that you feel at the bottom of your stomach and inched its way in.

So will it be a return to the glory glory nights or will the evening end up being the equivalent of date night with Fritzl?



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