The Interviews – Tony Baylis

Welcome to the SDS interview page. This is for all members to tell us about yourself, your favourite Spurs moments and a chance to pick your all time Spurs Football Fantasy XI.

First up – The SDS Chairman – Mr Tony Baylis

About yourself

In the year Tottenham became the first British club to win a European trophy, a baby boy was born in Paddington (the same hospital where the Royal babies and Elvis Costello were born), destined to become Chairman of South Dorset Spurs. He began his humble life in South Kensington before moving to Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire….

Married with 2 daughters I  have lived in Weymouth (and Portland) since 1977. I work for a large accountancy firm in Poole although see myself as a wanna be pub singer and purveyor of bad jokes. I met up with SDS around the time Jonathan Woodgate scored the winner v Chelsea in the League Cup final – and not looked back since! Having been on the Committee for a number of years, I have covered the Membership Secretary and Secretary roles and am currently in my second year as Chair. I have seen the dark times with Spurs but at the moment the future is Lilywhite. COYS!

1.  As a youngster, who was your Spurs hero?

I played in goal at school so always looked up to big Pat Jennings. He is still my hero!

2.  Who is your favorite player from the current Squad?

Jan Vertonghen – always reliable and cool as a Belgian cucumber.

3.  From World football, who would you most like to see in a Spurs shirt?

I would love to have Bale back at Spurs.

4.  What is your favorite piece of Spurs memorabilia?

The Ladies toilet sign that broke off into my hands walking out of WHL at the ‘Finale’.

5.  Where in the world have you watched Spurs live other than UK?

Unfortunately I have not had a chance to see us play live outside England but have watched a couple of games in bars in France and Tenerife and also caught up with Amsterdam Spurs and Oz Spurs for games during my last holidays in the Netherlands and Down under.

6.  Which former player would you love to see in the current squad?

Graham Roberts.

7.  Most memorable Spurs moment?

Graham Roberts playing in the 1981 FA Cup final – only a year after leaving Weymouth – boys own stuff!

8.  Who was your most disappointing Spurs signing?

Edgar Davids – I was expecting a lot from him but he had seen better days.

9.  Which Spurs players (3) would you chose if you were on ‘Come Dine With Me?

Heurelho Gomez, Steve Perryman and Paul Gascoigne.

10. Who would be in you all time Spurs XI (4,4,2 formation)?

Pat Jennings

Chris Hughton, Steve Perryman, Terry Yorath, Gareth Bale

Graham Roberts, Dave Mackay, Luka Modric, Paul Gascoigne,

Harry Kane, Jimmy Greaves

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