The Interviews – Charlotte & Dave

Welcome to the SDS interview page. This is for all members to tell us about yourself, your favourite Spurs moments and a chance to pick your all time Spurs Football Fantasy XI.

Next up –  This week I caught up with Charlotte & Dave (Ralphie).

1.  As a youngster, who was your Spurs hero?

Gary Mabbutt

2.  Who is your favorite player from the current Squad?

Danny Rose,although it is always difficult to choose a specific favourite because each player brings their own skills to make the team work well together.

3.  From World football, who would you most like to see in a Spurs shirt?

Dave – Pele

Charlotte – Cristiano Ronaldo

4.  What is your favourite piece of Spurs memorabilia?


…….and all our photos with the legends.

5.  Where in the world have you watched Spurs live other than UK?

Cyprus – unfortunately only via a large TV screen.

6.  Which former player would you love to see in the current squad?

Paul Gascoigne

7.  Most memorable Spurs moment?

There are too many to choose from as I have been lucky enough to have traveled to many away games and enjoyed Hospitality as well which is why the Leicester FA Cup tie in January 2016 stands out as we were given the opportunity of watching the game from a corporate box and met so many players and ex players.

8.  Who was your most disappointing Spurs signing?

****None chosen****

9.  Which Spurs players (3) would you chose if you were on ‘Come Dine With Me?

I would definitely invite Paul Gascoigne for all those stories he could tell. Son and Vorm.

10. Who would be in you all time (alternative) Spurs XI (4,4,2 formation)?


Rose, Mabbutt, Trippier, Wanyama

Hoddle, Lamela, Gascoigne, Ginola

Son, Lineker



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