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Welcome to the SDS interview page. This is for all members to tell us about yourself, your favourite Spurs moments and a chance to pick your all time Spurs Football Fantasy XI.

For the first interview of 2018 we have our very own Lady of The Lane – Cat Daniels 

1. As a youngster, who was your Spurs hero?

Gary Mabbutt

2. Who is your favorite player from the current Squad?

Jan -  tends to get overlooked playing alongside Toby, but think he’s a class act.

3. From World football, who would you most like to see in a Spurs shirt?

Kevin De Bruyne -  makes the game look so simple opens up defenses easily and can take a decent free kick!!

4. What is your favorite piece of Spurs memorabilia?

A signed Ledley king shirt.

5. Where in the world have you watched Spurs live other than UK?

Only seen in the UK but hoping to see them in the Ukraine on 26th May!

6. Which former player would you love to see in the current squad?

Michael Dawson -  never gave anything less than 100% no matter who the opposition. Had a great rapport with the fans and clearly loved (and still loves) the club.

7. Most memorable Spurs moment?

The Finale; really emotional day! Atmosphere was incredible; didn’t want it to end!

8. Who was your most disappointing Spurs signing?

Could the club or indeed the premiership ever see a worse centre back pairing than Chiriches and Fazio!!

9. Which Spurs players (3) would you chose to join you if you were on ‘Come Dine With Me?

Gary mabbutt, just coz he’s my all time spurs hero, Alan Nielsen – he scored the winner in the Worthington Cup Final on my 21st birthday, I think I owe him a beer and Poch, only if he leaves Mrs poch at home!!

10. Who would be in you all time Spurs XI (4,4,2 formation)?

I’m going back to the days when Ozzie was in charge, all out attack, no time for defence!!!


Walker, king, Mabbutt, Assou Ekotto (based on hair alone!)

Lennon, VDV, Gazza, Bale

Kane, Klinsmann



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