Wembley – Highs & Lows

As a group we have been lucky enough to experience some pretty exciting matches/moments this season…
Beating the likes of Real Madrid, Liverpool, Manchester United & how can we forget our most recent emphatic victory over The Arsenal.

Of course it is easy to forget that there have been some rare lows during the early stages of out tenancy, including the awful draws against Burnley & Swansea. Those performances during our bedding in period, making the most optimistic among our ranks fear that this season would be a right off. The lack of atmosphere at those games left many fans developing a hatred for the Corporate, soul-less, money grabbing Wembley bowl. However, as the victories started to come, and the so called ‘hoodoo’ was exorcised by Poch and the boys, our love for ‘The Spurnabau’ began to grow. We might (i don’t say this lightly) actually miss this place a little when season finale arrives.

So as we move into the final period of our temporary residency and with the Spurs on an unbeaten run of 13 games…..I asked SDS Members what was their favourite and worst games they have experienced at Wembley Stadium up to this point of another remarkable Season.

Here are a few of their responses……

Lee - For me you cannot top the feeling of winning a NLD hate and love the fixture in equal measure. Heart pumping right up to the final whistle. Even 3-0!up with 2 minutes to go you ain’t a real Spurs fan unless you bum hole is still twitching. Up the spurs!!!

SDS - Gotta be Real Madrid atmosphere was something incredible. Worst gotta be Chelsea for so many reasons.

The Admiral - Real Madrid – I was there AND sober 😎

Al O - For me has the be the Madrid game best atmosphere I’ve heard in ages

Nige F - Real Madrid best game as I thought we were going to get thrashed and it was tremendous to beat the European champions.

Kev - Best game Madrid, great atmosphere, worst, Swansea, dreadful game

Tony B - This year’s highlight was beating Real Madrid and seeing the faces of people around me as our goals went it and also the ole shouts for our ever increasing passes. Lowest point was losing to Chel$ki and still thinking we were going to struggle at Wembley for the rest of the season.

Jase T – All our best games at Wembley have been the result of the team adopting high press/high pressure tactics with fast starts against the likes of Liverpool, United and not forgetting Real. The crowd have risen to this style of football with an atmosphere to match. The NLD not only broke records; the noise and atmosphere was phenomenal and total embarrassment of Arsenal makes it my favourite. The frustrating draws against the so called lesser teams and the terrible game against Chelsea will make us all wonder what if?

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