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Morning all and happy Spurs Day!

Some of you may be aware that I have set up a FORUM on the SDS website.
After struggling with the initial registration process (only taken a day and a half so far) I have finally found a solution for USERS to access this area.

Please follow the following steps:

Important: You require a account to enable access the word press site – Hotmail, Outlook etc. will not work!!

Takes a couple of minutes to set up a gmail account via

Once you have your gmail account
Go to SDS Homepage and select REGISTER on the forum

Enter a Username (of your choice) and the google email address

Then Go to

select ‘log in’

Log in using ‘Continue with google tab

enter your gmail account email + password

see Word Press profile and amend where required

Once you have updated profile you can access site from top left hand corner ‘view site tab


Go to SDS Homepage

go to Forum
Enter USERNAME and Gmail Password

View topics and discuss!

Please let me know if you have any struggles with any parts of the process and I will assist where I can.


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