Year of the VLOGGER

A few months ago I wrote about my first experience of White Hart Lane back in ’89. Back then, life of a football supporter was pretty simplistic. Cheap access to the ground, affordable merchandise and discussion about the game was between groups of people over a pie and a pint. Mobile phones, technology and most certainly the internet were either not invented, the stuff of sci-fi movies or exclusive to privileged rich city folk.

In the modern age, of course, life is now totally different. Our discussions are now global; team line-ups relayed via multi media platforms and there is rarely a moment not captured by a mobile device. In recent times I too have succumbed to the addiction to all things media. It wasn’t always like this. I never really understood Twitter and always considered You tube as the place where skateboarding squirrels or surfing dogs were King.

At this moment though, I feel I have fully embraced the technical age. I regularly use Twitter to engage, discuss and read/consume all news and find myself trawling through endless streams of information. I feel privileged to even have a few followers. Facebook & Snap Chat applications grace my Apple Device and on the odd occasion, I have managed to capture exciting Spurs moments via my phone camera. Not forgetting the light app, which always adds to the stadium atmosphere and looks amazing on the television.

Now, in this new age there is one bastion of technology that has riled some but also given others a a valuable and enjoyable source of information – The Football Vlogger (Video Blogs). Some fans have distanced themselves from these media presenters (Expressions and the like are deemed as not real fans just seeking self publicity) and refuse to entertain them. Whilst others have embraced the Vloggers; people only too keen to experience their 15 minutes of fame on the world stage or contribute to the moment. Those skeptical of VLOGGING phenomenon should note that the shear volume of people viewing this format is simply staggering. Some VLOGS regularly pull in over a million views or more.

When the wrecking ball started it’s destructive path via the old West Stand and beyond this was the perfect opportunity for Vloggers to capture each moment of the deconstruction, then construction, of the old/new stadium. One person in particular has tapped into the club and fans psych and has gone on to produce highly informative videos. Adding excitement to the most mundane task of panel installation, to proudly announcing that Spurs club shop will be the biggest in Europe. Each report sprinkled with the odd bit of breaking news and topped off by Mr AV’s exquisite drone footage – pure tech heaven!.

The New Stadium is, from an engineering perspective, an absolute thing of beauty and this has been articulated by Chris Cowlin in such a way that the club even invited him in to have a look around and report from inside the Stadium. A rare treat for any fan and confirmation that his work is appreciated by the broader spectrum.

This weekend, SDS has an opportunity to visit the New White Hart Lane. Our experience will no doubt be captured via all media streams – i will have my camera ready. But best of all (and i am very excited), we have arranged to meet Chris Cowlin and experience life through the eyes of someone who has literally lived our Stadiums journey from a pile of rubble to world class facility.
Predictably and without apology – Pictures, tweeets and Vlogs to follow.

One thought on “Year of the VLOGGER

  1. Lee says:

    Social media! We moan about it but all partake in it. Who doesn’t love a bit of Arsenal fan TV when they lose

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