Match Day 2: Spurs V Fulham – Wembley Stadium

There is something magical about listening to a match via the means of radio. Something I’d done a lot when serving abroad. On this occasion though it was France and by some stroke of luck and favourable weather conditions, the beam from BBC towers reached North West Brittany.

909 AM long wave and Spurs v Fulham was the main event. Annoyingly in the build up to kick off I’d been dispatched too purchase supplies from the local hyper market. Bag for life packed I set off. As I meandered through the French countryside the signal distorted, with overhead electrical cables making the signal go all fuzzy. I’d put up with worse and continued to listen regardless.

A quick dash around the isles, baguettes, wine and cheese a plenty I headed for the car to enjoy the return journey and the first half. I think it was Danny Mills on commentary. Occasionally interjecting about the wasted chances by Lucas sprinkled with odd ‘stadium disaster’ story effecting the team blah blah blah.

Arrival back the campsite meant one thing. Dash for the bar. They would either be ‘bar exceptional’ and have a satellite stream from the entire World with every sport channel or epic fail and just show cricket. Epic fail!

Option 2 – bar has WiFi – and that means ‘White Knight’. Beer poured we settle down for 5 whole minutes of non- buffering excitement. Crowd at Wembley looked sparse but Spurs in the ascendancy. Still at this point 0-0. Buffering turns to frozen screen. Disappointment turns to frustration as we turn to the text commentary via the Premier League App. This simply won’t do as the beers not cheap and I need to hear the match.

Half time approaches and we dash back to our pitch and the car. Radio on. Lucas has scored an absolute screamer. Air punched with delight. So the second half underway and the radio signal is remarkably good at our pitch. An equaliser from Fulham, quickly followed up by a Trippier free kick (he’s rather good at those) and Kane breaks his August duck. Spurs win 3-1. The team briefly top of the league prior to Manchester City trouncing Huddersfield.

Now looking forward to watching the next few matches in the pub before I get to taste my first game of the season against Liverpool. A game that, as we all know now, should have been at the New White Hart Lane. But as I’ve just explained, us fans will do whatever they can or go wherever they can to watch, listen or hear about their team.

*Thank-you to Bob, Tony & Matt for post match updates via WhatsApp.


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