Matchday 3: Man Utd v Spurs – Old Trafford

End of August Bank Holiday Monday and first stop for this day of football was the local derby between old rivals Weymouth Town (Terras) v Dorchester Town (Magpies). An early kick off of 1 pm would enable us to watch this match, have some food, liquid refreshments, then settle down to enjoy the evening Kick Off.

I hadn’t been to this local derby since the early 1990’s when I was a regular at the Avenue Stadium supporting the Black/White side of the Ridgeway divide. So it felt slightly unusual to be standing with the opposing set of fans. For the duration of the match I decided to embed myself on the dark side and keep my loyalties to myself.

Match report

Weymouth 5 (five) v Dorchester 0 (nil) grrr!

Nothing else to say on this match.🙁

Early evening and after a cracking curry at Weymouth Balti, we headed to the pub (The Royal Oak) to join the rest of SDS and a few guests representing both teams.

The pub was busy. Some punters having a drink whilst others mindful of work commitments the following day taking it easy. Always good to be in our home venue when the team plays away; amongst fellow fans sharing the experience of watching the team and discussing the finer points of match.  All of us hoping that the Team could continue their excellent start to the latest campaign.

Line up

The match

Match kicks off and I’m a bag of nerves. Our recent history at Old Trafford had been poor and we had to be weary of United after such a poor display against Brighton & Hove.

First half we rode our chances. Rarely moving forward and soaking up the pressure. Toby, Jan, Tripps and Danny dealing with each incursion by simple passing and the odd hoofed clearance up the park. United Lukaku wasting an absolute sitter. All relieved to see it skip past the far post.

Half time passes and it seams our luck, possession and chances were about reach unprecedented levels. Firstly a header by Kane. Rising high above Jones towards the top RH corner. Pub goes wild. 0-1 Spurs

Then Lucas; immense all game and a tireless contributor slots home. 0-2! United fans looking utterly dejected. They hadn’t played badly but they were now well and truly on the ropes. As the final stages approached one more chance results in a delicious finish by Lucas. Absolute scenes!0-3!

United fans praying, crying dejected in the stands and scuttling for the exit. Scenes unimaginable a few years ago under Fergie but now regular under Jose.

The hugs, celebrations the joy shared not only by 3000 away fans but our group of happy souls in the Royal Oak.

A fantastic day – less local derby result for me anyway.

Looking forward

Unbelievable Jeff! Top of the table clash between Watford and Spurs next Sunday!


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