Match Day 5: Spurs v Liverpool – Wembley Stadium

Pre-match build up

Following our 3 wins in our opening fixtures I was a very happy fan. Willing to indulge in all things Spurs including purchase merchandise, booking flights to PSV and talking the talk on social media. We are brilliant with more good things to come. The Koudos of winning rated a high 10/10. Tell the world how good we are; especially West Ham fans and Goons.

When we lost to Watford, hangover kicked in Monday morning,  Spurs announced more fixture changes and (shock) Stadium delays. I felt sick and was in ‘full on’ reject mode. I ain’t going to the City game, hate Wembley, Sanchez is rubbish and Sissoko can have some too (even though he isn’t playing – no.1 sacrificial lamb for any mood!).

Now I’m sure many empathise with these feelings. Like a football rollercoaster of emotions. But why does losing hit us harder than if Claudia Scheifer dumped you for your best mate?

We travel huge distances, spend more than we should and shout and scream like we have some sort of control over the players; like we’re playing a real time FIFA. Following each missed chance and opportunity against The Hornets, the pub wall was punched and kicked numerous times (sorry Land lady) and god forbid had there been a cat in the vacinity. More crude swear words than even Roy chubby Brown could muster (credit ‘Mike The Fence’ who’s use of the ‘C Bomb’ would have filled the swear jar 10 fold). Poor Mrs Taylor, who came all the way from Bournemouth, to ‘share the SDS experience’ was left in no doubt what frustration and anger meant. Back in the old World of Sport days and wrestling she would have hit baddy Mike with her handbag 👜 before returning to her knitting.

Once calmed (it took some time), reflection kicked in. The positives errr ok. Let’s look forward then …Liverpool next🙁! Oh god!

I’m sure by the following weekend blind optimism would have kicked in. International break and thoughts turning to ‘please Mr. Southgate don’t let anyone damage our ‘Arry’!.

Now to turn the death metal mood music up another notch. I, with all good intentions of soaking up the atmosphere and getting there early, booked a hotel at Waltham Abbey. The date – Friday 14th September. Non-flexible, non-movable and of course non-refundable. If this date sounds familiar then your spot on as this would have been the night before the opening game of the season at the New Shiney Billion Pound Stadium. Opening Eve! You know da resssst (fam blud). 🙁

An early breakfast and we head to the New Stadium construction site to view live progress and take a few photos. Similar to the original plan – less a bloody football match!!

Some highlights of the construction build this week:

– Tower Cranes located in NW/SW corner dismantled; allowing chequered veil to continue along front of West Stand, The Grand Entrance and beyond, towards the South Stand.

– Block Paving installtion continues along the main road, passing the cylindrical advertising screen (or as some like to call it ‘the lighty up thingy’) and onwards toward the steps and future hotel complex.

– (Webcam) Lots of seats installed; especially in the South Stand.

Still no test events or opening dates announced. I’m edging my bets for December 5th v Saints.

New Stadium done and following a quick hop across town, normal pre-match routine ensued – Novotel & Punjabi Spurs. Our hosts for yet another season bringing together supporters clubs from all over the country. All will agree that this event will be one thing we will miss from the ‘Wembley Experience’ when we do finally move on to the new pad.

The Line Up

Match Report from Block 128

Terrible start. Liverpool were on the front foot from the off. Shoddy defensive mistakes and maybe a lack confidence in Vorm making even the most steadfast members of our defence go all jittery. Short on chances from our front line with Harry still looking jaded. Dodged a bullet with first goal for The Reds as it’s judged off side.

A wayward back passed header by Eriksen closely followed by more pressure and a goal for Liverpool . 0-1

Entire-half time spent queuing for sustenance in the form of an overpriced steak & ale pie whilst remaining SDS discussed the poor quality of our play.

Second half kicks off and I was still queuing. Noise from our end indicated a chance as Lucas hit the outside of the post. Poch must have issued a rocket during the HT team talk as we seamed to have increased the tempo of our game.

Despite early promise, the second half followed the first. Poor defensive work, a scramble and The Reds were in again 0-2. Poor vv poor!

As 90 mins approached a collective decision was made to turn for the exit. Not my usual routine as I normally stay til the end no matter what. On this occasion I miss a great finish by Coco. 1-2. Closely followed by a stonewall penalty after a tackle on Son. I would have been gutted to miss a late comeback but on this occasion it wasn’t too be.

Early season promise is turning into a bit of a mare – we need to sharpen up and quickly if we are to remain in the leading pack.

Look Forward


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