Match Day 6: B & HA v Spurs – Amex

Pre-match build up

During the heady days of our long hot summer and England’s journey along the World Cup trail, those with a social media addiction were subjected to almost constant barrage of ‘its coming home’. Some of the most memorable memes clogging our Twitter feeds included clips from classics including Only Fools and Horses and how could we forget the late great Whitney Houston mouthing those special words. Strange as it seams, It had a great many of us believing it might just happen.

Of course now we know… it didn’t!

With that distraction out the way, it was time for Spurs fans to get excited. We had our shiney new stadium to look forward too. It’s coming home switched to ‘we’re going home’. Instead of memes we were bombarded with glossy pamphlets, notices regarding match day road closures and that now infamous bill board campaign – ‘the only place to watch Champions League Football in London’.  The keys to the front door would be issued on Saturday 15th September at 12:30hrs. Come early for the opening ceremony and make sure you make lots of noise and wave your flag.

Of course now we know…we didn’t!

That day has now passed and I’m almost relieved. Had the performance on Saturday against Liverpool at Wembley been replicated on our opening match there would have been 59,000 fans throwing their flags in the direction of Eriksen and co. or worse wishing to stick them somewhere unpleasant. The singing would have turned nasty with a hint of venom. Not a great start to our ‘new era’.

The disappointment, false dawns and missed opportunities just seams to continue. This is often reflected by the frequent early migration towards the exit. I’ve never been one to leave early and regularly scowled at those who lept from their seats at 75 minutes and headed for the door. Who in their right mind pays that kind of money to leave early or what kind of fan are they? But they do; in their droves. On Saturday my eldest said at 90 minutes let’s go, I’ve had enough. I relented and missed a peach by Erik and what would have been the equivalent of Hatton Gardens famous robbery if Son’s calls for a penalty had been acknowledged by the ref.

However; Tucked away in this pit of misery, a true fan will always have a little bit of optimism and faith. After all that’s what makes us tick and why we keep going back for more. Saturday was exceptionally rubbish but we have Inter Milan on Tuesday and as I break into a smile, I utter those fateful words ‘no other London team has that’.

Tuesday 18th September – UCL Match 1

Inter Milan 2 Spurs 1

First time under Poch – 3 loses in a row 🙃

The first half wasn’t great but as soon as the second started we had the upper hand. We should have built on the lead Eriksen gave us. But we didn’t!

Defensive frailties in the closing stages of the match and we were on the wrong end of a 2-1 defeat. Sad times!

New Stadium Update (from THFC Webcam)

– Grow lights switched on and tested

– Extensive testing of screens and electronic advertising boards continues

– Block paving along High Road and the South West bend

– Pitch loading/storage area boards removed to make way for turf (ITK’s believe Oct 1st>)

– Installation of seats in North, West & East Stands (mines still not in 🙁)

– Promise of Season Ticket Membership packs to be released this week/next week (thinking what’s the point?!?)


B & HA v Spurs

The Line Up

Just a few hardy soles in the Royal Oak this week for the evening kick off against the Seagulls. Pre-match talk all about the introduction of Gazzaniga as Goal Keeper; with much maligned Vorm not even worthy of a spot on the bench.

First half was a frustrating, laboured affair offering little in the way of chances. As the game meandered towards a dull stalemate the tempo of play thankfully improved. Strong run by Kane towards the penalty area. Foul with free-kick awarded. Trippier strikes and ball contacts raised arm. Penalty Spurs. Kane strikes with accuracy and power. 0-1 Spurs.

Half time arrives and Brighton show their class by playing Chas & Dave. Applauded by all fans as one. Beautiful and touching moment. A great tribute to Chas Hodges who tragically.

Brighton reacted well to going one down and proceeded to increase the pressure; driving forward with intensity. Rousing the rain soaked crowd and making the Spurs fans very nervous. After recent results we really needed to kill this game off. At 68 minutes, Manager made his decision and prepares Lamela for action. The introduction of arguably our most creative and exciting player at the moment (Lucas aside) paid off at 78 minutes. Tireless work down the left by Rose, excellent pass to Erik and a sublime finish. 0-2 Spurs.

The closing stages of recent matches has taught us that we need to keep our heads until the final whistle. This game would be no exception as the Seagulls pressed again. Their hard work paying off in injury time with a quality strike. 1-2 Spurs.

Important win for the Spurs and confidence/pride restored. Mini slump (according to the sports hacks) over.

RIP Chas Hodges that win was for you


Look forward

Spurs v Watford – League Cup – Stadium MK

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