It Must Be Love

When you start to support a football team you are effectively signing up for a lifetime. This is not a marriage where if it goes wrong you can walk away.

This is not like children who will grow up and leave you to fester in your own piss.

This is not a career that eventually says thanks but no thanks.

This is a commitment that will never be broken.

We as football fans care about our club more than anyone else in the business.

The owners do not share your passion.

The players will move on.

Sky and BT will move the games to suit their needs

The governing bodies are only interested in the product they can sell.

So when all the money has gone from the game, and TV don’t want to show it anymore and the foreign oil people move to the next big thing, we will still support our team.

Now is not a great time at our club. Our new stadium is delayed, the season ticket process are too high, the board are not spending millions on new players and we have lost 3 games in a row!!

But this love is not going to diminish, as much as you try to fight your commitment to be at the next game will win.

Abusing ex players who work as ambassadors for the club is not going to make things better. These guys are bound to support what is going on they are ambassadors. They should be given a level

Of respect. These are the people who pose for pictures with you, support your charities and turn up for the legends nights.

Social media is not a great place following a defeat that’s for sure, and to be honest its getting rather embarrassing.

This is all about opinions! Not everyone will agree with you. Some will say this player is shit others will say he had a decent game, it happens.

Happy clapper Levy lover, negative moaner, go support someone else. Its all there.

Fact remains you have signed up for life we all have and we will all support the club through thick and thin.

It doesn’t matter to the board or the club what we think or what we want. They will do what they feel is the best for their business/product/project.

Like it or not we will be there supporting them.

Up the Spurs!

Credit: The Dorset Spur

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