Match Day 7: Huddersfield Town v Spurs

Pre-match build up

Friday 23:16 hrs and I’ve just realised I haven’t written a word this week about my beloved Spurs. So here goes…

The week started with some very touching tributes to Chas Hodges. This continued into our mid-week game home/away/home tie at Stadium MK v Watford. Fitting obituary in the match day program and songs played to remind us of the great man.

As the game wasn’t televised I opted for the radio option rather than a dodgy stream. For a League Cup tie this was for once quite exciting. Plenty of goals for either side, moments of defensive madness and a penalty shoot out to top it off. Erik once again showing his class and hometown boy Dele (Captain for the night) scoring the winning penalty. Gazzaniga quickly developing into a cult hero.

Onwards to the next round when the predictable ‘where will be we play if it’s a home tie?’ roulette will start once again.

The Ars*nal are known for being ‘The Nomads’ but we are quickly assuming that crown. Still, when the grounds complete, it will be one of if not the finest in the world. Which brings me into this weeks Stadium update via the webcams.

I must confess I have the webcams on all the time on my work desktop and even invited a few colleagues around the screen to show them the splendour of our Super Arena. Although boasting about having a seat in there has little to no koudos when you’ve paid 1200 notes for a seat that isn’t even installed in a stadium that’s not finished. Anyway….

– Block paving continues along High Road and around SW corner

– NE crane dismantled and now down to just two

– Pitch retracted 1/4 way in and split

– Pitch possibly to be laid next week (commencing 01/10/18>)

– Seats installation continues apace in the North Stand and hopefully includes yours truly

– Safe standing areas installed and revealed

Now I don’t wish to jinx it but…remember I booked a hotel for the 14th September. Well…..I’ve taken a punt on the home tie against Burnley on this occasion  – 14th December all booked. Fully flexible option selected just in case TV scheduling moves it or if it’s (god forbid) still at Wembley Stadium. We will see.

The Line Up

With Eriksen (abdominal) and Dele (hamstring) missing through injury there would under normal circumstances be a degree of panic. Although many would argue that Eriksen’s been missing in a few games and not yet reached the high standards of previous seasons. Dele would always be a missed due to his shear tenacity to create something out of nothing and wind up even the most reserved of opposition player by casually executing an almost continuous stream of nut megs and cheeky gestures.

As it turns out – no need to panic. Our placing of second last on MOTD suggests this wasn’t an exciting encounter. However who cares when 3 points are at stake and a must win, no matter how tedious, had the be the priority.

What I have gleaned from those limited highlights is that Kane appears to be sparkling again. Producing incisive runs and most importantly scoring. Numbers 144 and 145 in a Spurs shirt via header and penalty. All completed in the first half and we looked, despite our missing duo, comfortable.

Second half we rode our luck and some fine saves from our Gazza prevented the Terriers from gaining a foothold back in the match. Crossbar rattled and a couple of moments towards the closing stages but other than that – job done!

The evenings League Cup draw proceeded the clash between Chelsea and Liverpool. A tasty encounter v West Ham away to look forward too. And for once we don’t have to worry about where it will be played.


Look forward

Spurs v Barcelona – Wembley Stadium

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