Match Day 8: Spurs v Cardiff City – Wembley Stadium

Pre-match Build Up

Relaxing watching Monday Night Football with Bournemouth v Palace on the tele and New Stadium Webcam on the tablet. Before you all shout ‘get a life’ loudly in ones direction there is of course one reason to study the multiple views at the moment. Our sacred turf is about to be installed. Quite why they doing it by tractor headlight and foreman’s torchlight is beyond me. Perfectly good flood lights available but what do I know.

Lined up to the left of my view appears to be a convoy of tractors, centre of the pitch is dominated by workers kitted out head to toe in hi-vis and a tractor is going round and round in circles. It’s like watching some pitch laying cult are having a get together.

Tomorrow morning I fully expect to wake up to a sea of green with pretty stripes and some goal posts. But then again all this torch lit shenanigans probably means they are just finishing the ground works with the critical bit going in over the coming days.

21:05 Hrs – sprinklers on

So the coming days are important ones for the club. Not only will a pitch laying milestone be ticked off the list but our team will be gracing the Wembley turf against non other than FC Barcelona and Mister L Messi. Excited – V Much!!!

I couldn’t get the time off work so with a beer close to hand, comfy seat in my living room, I sat back to enjoy the spectacle unfold. Slightly jel that my SDS family were experiencing this live amongst the ~82k. But as we all know, there will hopefully be more matches like this when we finally get into our new pad.

And what a spectacle it was. Had I been a neutral (which I’m not of course) this would have been a fantastic match that would live long in the memory. After less than 2 minutes we were already behind. Crack pot goal keeping by Hugo allowing former Liverpool Midfielder Harry Potter Coutinho to smash the ball in the back of the net. Oh and that Messi bloke is quite something isn’t he? Two down and ‘FFS Spurs get a grip’ became ever louder. We were in for a drubbing. What a blinding goal – two feet off the floor wow!!!

Whatever Poch said at half time must have sparked some sort of reaction as resulting tempo increase reflected a more do or die attitude. Fine work by the impressive Lamela finished off by our ‘arry. 1-2

Can we do this? Nah! More beautiful football and sublime passing and boom 1-3. Game suddenly opened right up and Messi decided to zero his shots onto our goal post. Only a matter of time before zeroing would become goal. Though not before our Erik would score and make things very exciting. 2-3 what a match!

Could we get to 3-3?

It was clear that Barca were rattled. But we always new that a substitution involving Sissoko entering the park would end in either absolute scenes or abject failure. He lost the ball on the right of the park, some quick passing, a dummy and …..Messi scores. 2-4!!

I have to take my hat off to Barca and of course Messi. But credit to Lamela, Winks & Moura for their tireless, selfless commitment that so cruelly ended in a defeat. We go on to Saturday and Cardiff at home.

This weeks Stadium update

– After 3 days of hard work pitch has been installed

– World first pitch integrated Grow Light System in action

– Seats installed in North and East Stands

– Block paving continues along High Road at all access/egress points

– Trees planted outside Tottenham Experience

– Vail installation re-starts on High Road and NW corner

Very busy times – surely announcement regarding Test Events coming soon

My prediction based on current scale of works – Chelsea 24th November

More likely – Burnley 15th December

The Line Up

Opted for the SDS minibus option for this match which always means an early start and drinks flowing just a few miles out of town. What was evident straight away was it was going to be a wet miserable day. Just last week enjoying 20 degrees and now fully kitted our in warm weather gear.

Arrived at Wembley in good time and onwards to Novotel to meet up with friends. No Punjabi event this week so opted for the room at the back of the bar. Managed to blag a table to support the almost constant of flow of Pitchers.

Great seats inside the ground and would recommend Block 128. An area that accommodates the old boys from the shelf and we can stand all game which is always a bonus. What was clear today; the crowd was non- existent. Upper tiers almost completely empty. Something I’ve not witnessed since we’ve switched venues and definitely not for an EPL match. 82k for Barca and lucky if it was 40k for this match.

With so many first team players missing this always had potential for a banana skin. We started positive enough and an early goal by Dier calmed the frugal crowds nerves. However we just seamed to meander through the game with an air of negativity that I’ve not seen for a while. Early passes and exchanges frequently went a stray or to the opposition players. Hugely frustrating to watch. The constant need to back pass or pass side words greeted with Consternation and dispair. Forward! Forward! F&*6ing Fooooorward!

At the final whistle the place really was empty. But we had 3 points in the bag. The match really was ‘as dull as dishwater’. We are just one point from the summit. However,we are not playing our best football and other teams with more pedigree will find us out. Based on today’s atmosphere, attendance (or lack of) and performance the quicker we go home the better.

Fingers crossed we are just a successful fire alarm test away from that!


Look Forward

International break

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