Stay Away Day: Spurs v Cardiff City

A lot has been made of Tottenham’s attendance level at Wembley against Cardiff 43,268.

The comments all around social media stretched across the negative spectrum all the way to “disgraceful and embarrassing “. Having been at the game I have to say it didn’t look very good. There were plenty of seats around for fans to change seats and the top section was practically empty. However what needs to be reminded is that Wembley is a 90 thousand seater stadium! Not hard to look empty really.

The attendance on the day is approximately 6k more than the capacity of White Hart Lane and actually the third highest attendance in the premier league over the weekend with only Manchester United and Liverpool being higher.

Fulham vs Arsenal 25,401

Burnley vs Huddersfield 20,533

Palace vs Wolves 25,715

Leicester vs Everton 32,007

Watford vs Bournemouth 20,139

Man Utd vs Newcastle 74,519

Southampton vs Chelsea ???

Liverpool vs Man City 53,285

This game came 2 days after an 83k attendance playing Barcelona in the champions league.

To have this level of attendance you need to pull in supporters further afield than just N17.

Be honest how many Tottenham fans still live in or around the stadium?

Personally I now live in sunny Dorset, I travel up with the guys from South Dorset Spurs. We come to every home game but with varying levels of travellers.

There are numerous reasons for this. Work commitments, financial constraints, family reasons and so on.

Travelling to London from Dorset can be costly, trains are very expensive as is petrol on your own. So a group minibus is the most cost effective but twice in a week is still a significant outlay.

For the Wednesday match most of us had to take 2days off of work. Leaving at 1300 and arriving back home around 0130.

This then requires you to have leave available. If you’re self employed the ability to make up the pay up on other days.

Added to this is food and drink during the day plus ticket price for the match.

But this is not a moan about cost, this is just an opinion on why it is difficult to fill Wembley twice in one week.

Remember this is a game against Cardiff bottom of the league had this been Arsenal Chelsea or West Ham I’m sure people would have made extra effort to get over any difficulty but it wasn’t.

Even so this game was a restricted attendance as Wembley only allows a certain amount of top attendance levels. This game was capped at 50k and the club confirmed all these tickets were sold. Somewhere along the way 7k bought their ticket but didn’t come along, only they know the reason why?

Given the performance maybe they made the right call, but 3 points is 3 points and as we say…….

Up the Spurs!

Credit: The Dorset Spur

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