Match Summary: Spurs V Man. City 29/10/18

All the punditry and mainstream/social media will be all about Manchester City and their rise back to the top of the premier league in this two horse race with Liverpool.

To be fair and honest last nights performance against Spurs at times felt like they had extra players on the pitch.

The interchange of players and the pace and pressure put upon us was excellent and a little frightening. I felt like they could strike at any moment, but they didn’t!

Through the whole game my nervousness around the goal area was more about my faith in the defence than it was concern for their attacking intent.

Trippier made a clanger , head it boot it get rid of it. Please don’t glance it back towards our own goal. Sterling made the most of it did a little shimmy and bang one nil. Mahrez goes unnoticed by Davies and finishes the move off.

The commentators talk all then moved to the fact that Mahrez is ex Leicester City and how fitting it was for him to score knowing the chairman of his old club was so tragically killed just a couple of days ago.

Tragic yes it is and the football community comes together. But fitting, really? Martin Tyler hang your head for this blatant load of bollocks.

Lets be honest Mahrez didn’t score for the Leicester city chairman he scored for Manchester city its not fitting at all.

So after making the best start to a premier league season playing not very well the performances have started to improve. PSV was a disappointing result more so because in my view we played some of our best football. To come away with a draw. After that felt like a loss.

Last night we went a step further, we definitely played our best football of the season but this time we did lose. There was very little expectation from this game, most social media warriors had us getting thrashed by around 6-nil, the pitch excuses were being readied

And as the team was announced you could feel the excitement  build with the inclusion of Moussa Sissoko, tweets of despair at the ready.

Ultimately however it was in fact Sissoko who had the last laugh being named by many as their man of the match! It would appear that his confidence is on the up, he was prepared to mix it up get in the way and run at people. He also decided this was the game that he was going to

Start putting in crosses to the box and playing forward passes in good areas. Who would have thunk it?

He did of course have a couple of brain farts which does keep the haters happy but overall this was by fair his best game in the Lilywhite shirt.

Dembele continued to look strong and nimble and up for a fight. Penalised a number of times unfairly for me the officials did not have a great game. Far too many soft fouls given and extra protection to City. Not however for Diers tackle which sent shivers down my spine.

Apart from that Dier again had a far better game than he has previously this season again his passing was far better and a lot more like his old self.

Kane taking an early shot was a joy to see as this has been something he has not been doing much of and all but a final dip on the ball could have brought us back level. Kane still seems to be running a bit deeper, but he still had plenty of the ball linking play up well. Moura and Lamela

Continue to look very lively Moura gave Walker a real rough time, Walker had a poor game maybe trying too hard as well as being harassed by Moura. At one point having quite a nibble at poor Lucas who was unlucky not to get the benefit due to being just off side.

The team worked hard during the game trying to carve out that one opportunity, yes it did come great work by the subs with Dele putting it on a plate for Lamela to sky it over the bar. As it fell for him given his form this season you would have expected more, sadly it wasn’t to be.

Some other positives were to be seen from this loss however.  Dele coming back and looking sharp, Erickson starting to pull strings and also Harry Winks looking very commanding in the middle. Pulling off some Scott Parker 360 turns effortlessly.

Once again left with the disappointment of not getting the result we want, but seeing signs of team getting back their form and their togetherness , ultimately one mistake the difference between the two teams.

So as always up the Spurs!

Credit: The Dorset Spur


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