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Hello everyone and welcome to the latest installment of ‘The Interviews’. It’s been a while since I have done one of these so I thought i’d start the year off with an exclusive from outside of South Dorset Spurs – Mr Javad Movahedi – known to many Spurs fans for the fantastic Tottenham Hotspur Family Podcast.

The Warm Up

Javad Movahedi is an avid football fan.  Born in 1980, he lives and works in London. His day job involves working in the broadcast technology industry where he counts his one of his biggest achievements as being part of the team that launched London Live TV channel.  He is passionate about all things London, having being born, brought up and spent all his life there.  He is a lifelong Tottenham Hotspur fan and season ticket holder. Javad hosts a regular weekly Spurs podcast, The Tottenham Hotspur Family podcast which he started in November 2014.  Different guests join him each week from different locations around the UK and also fans as far away as the USA, South Africa and Brazil, discussing all things Spurs. He has visited Tottenham’s training ground, Hotspur Way on a number of occasions including interviewing players from the Spurs ladies team for his podcast.

When not spending his spare time at Spurs games, he likes to eat out in and critic London’s myriad restaurants.  He also likes working out in the gym and taking part in 10K runs.  He has done voluntary work for Cancer Research as well raising money through Charity Runs. He has been lucky enough to meet and have his photo taken with a number of famous people from politicians, to actors, TV personalities and footballers. Javad likes to set himself daring challenges, these have included flying a plane, paragliding and ski diving.

As a youngster, who was your Spurs hero? 

So many to choose. My first were Gazza & Lineker when I was 10 years old and started supporting Spurs. Later on in my teens Klinsmann and then Ginola.

Who is your favorite player from the current Squad? 

Toby and Kane.

From World football, who would you most like to see in a Spurs shirt?

Bale once again….otherwise Messi.

What is your favorite piece of Spurs memorabilia? 

I have a signed Harry Kane shirt from the 2017-18 season I think from when we played Newcastle away, which is framed.

Where in the world have you watched Spurs live other than UK? 

San Siro Milan, September 2018.

Which former player would you love to see in the current squad? 


Most memorable Spurs moment? 

So many games to choose from. Winning at the Etihad, Feb 14th 2016.

Red Star Belgrade game 27 November 2014 for the atmosphere and this wonderful Harry Kane chant which I wish we would see more off -

That same evening I was lucky enough to meet Flav and T from the Fighting Cock Podcast, they just happened to be in the same part of the ground as me. Real honour to meet them.

Who was your most disappointing Spurs signing? 

In recent times Soldado, Janssen, Llorente. Further back Postiga, Rebrov. Notice a pattern? 😉

Which Spurs players (3) would you chose to join you if you were on ‘Come Dine With Me?

Current or ex?

Current: Mauricio (I know he’s not a player but..), Kane, and Son

Ex: Harry Redknapp (again not a player I know), Ginola and Crouch

Who would be in you all time Spurs XI (4,4,2 formation)?

Before anyone complains I’m going to exclude players before my time that I’ve seen little of – Jennings, Blanchflower et al would no doubt be in any all time Spurs XI. To do this justice however I will do a modern XI over the last 29 years since 1990, in the time I’ve been supporting Spurs.


Walker, Alderweireld, King, Vertonghen

      Bale, Gazza, Modric, Ginola

         Kane, Klinsmann

Apart from Klinsmann I’ve been fortunate enough to see all these players live, albeit saw Gazza for England in a friendly against Portugal in 96 and not in a spurs shirt. Just to explain to accommodate Jan I’ve got him playing at LB which we know he can do very well. Ginola and Bale would interchange on the flanks. Yes there is no ball winner in the middle of the park, but this team would be great on the eye and would keep the ball well anyway.

IMG_2651 (1)

Click on the following link to listen to: Tottenham Hotspur Family Podcast

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