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The Warm Up

There was never any doubt as to which club I was going to follow. It is in my blood as my Dad has been a total Spurs fan all his life and my Grandfather actually played at The Lane in the war league once as a “guest player”.

As soon as it was practical Dad got me a season ticket and I have been going home (and often away) ever since, although this season away ticket availability has been like gold dust.

I started my YouTube channel Spurs{XY} at the back end of 2016 mainly to record our last season at the Lane and as an attempt to give fans who can’t get to games, the chance to experience the atmosphere of being at Spurs games. I have vlogged a few away trips and also try to get to as many Spurs Ladies games as possible.

As a youngster, who was your Spurs hero?

Probably Ledley simply because he was “one of our own” before we even sang that, and the first games I saw was with he and Naybet at the back. Keano comes a close second, I used to love his celebration!

I was lucky enough to meet Ledley as a signing session he had at a Spurs Ladies game last season.

Who is your favourite player from the current Squad?

Absolutely no doubt about that – Harry Kane. Actually, I feel really privileged to have been able to watch his career develop in the amazing way it has – and with him at Spurs the whole time.

From World football, who would you most like to see in a Spurs shirt?

That’s a no brainer – Lionel Messi. I love Barcelona as a city and Barca would be my favourite club from the continent. It will never happen, but he and Harry in the same team would rip most sides to shreds.

What is your favourite piece of Spurs memorabilia?

Again, that is easy. I have some great signed photos, flags and shirts, but my scarf with 100+ Spurs badges – some from Spurs fans around the world takes pride of place.

Where in the world have you watched Spurs live other than UK?

Sadly, only in the UK. School and university studies have made trips abroad tough to arrange – Madrid later this year for the Champions League final would be good though!

Which former player would you love to see in the current squad?

My dad would probably say Dave Mackay, but from the players I have seen I guess Gareth Bale at his best would be the one that could help take us to the next level.

Most memorable Spurs moment?

Wow – tough question. The Carling Cup win at Wembley, the “taxi for Maicon” win over Inter, or the win at Wembley over Real Madrid would be the most memorable games. I would add to that Dele’s outstanding goal I saw at Palace as a fabulous moment.

I am probably going to opt for the Inter win, simply because it was at the The Lane under the lights and therefore so much more magical.

Who was your most disappointing Spurs signing?

Tough question as I dislike knocking players when there are often all sorts of reasons for things not working out. Obviously today folk might pick out Janssen but one player who seemed to have the talent but never really clicked with us was Giovani Dos Santos.

Which Spurs players (3) would you chose to join you if you were on ‘Come Dine With Me?

Lovely question, with so many options! I think Sonny has to be there, guaranteed fun when he’s around.

Who would be in your all time Spurs XI ?

Obviously, there are the legends like Greaves, Mackay, Ossie, Glen, Gazza, Lineker but I am going to restrict this XI to players I have seen live myself. This includes the goals from the likes of Defoe and Keano, the brilliance of Berbatov, and the aggression of Edgar Davids. Surprisingly, when I look at my line-up, I also see that 6 of the XI are still current players, which I reckon speaks volumes for where we are now, and how much we have achieved under Poch.

A very fluid 4-1-3-2 that I reckon would be a pleasure to watch playing football the Spurs way.

Hugo – a Spurs world cup winner, but even more of a legend after that penalty save in the NLD.

Defenders would include Ledley, a brilliant ball playing defender who would have been the best in the world with 2 good knees, alongside Super Jan Vertonghen. At full back I would have the pace and aggression of Danny Rose and Kyle Walker to provide genuine width.

Midfield is a bit spoilt for choice. I would have Dembele in there as the best and strongest I have seen at breaking up play and driving forward with the ball.

Then a trio with the graft and sweet left foot of Luka Modric, the audacity, magic and late runs into the box from Dele and the creativity and passing ability of Christian Eriksen (who just edges out Rafa Van der Vaart).

Up top the best centre forward in the world in Harry Kane, partnered by the pace and goals of Gareth Bale

Managed, of course, by Poch – “he is magic you know”.

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