The struggle to form an Official Supporters Club, dinner with Dele and Sol in defence…


This week we extend a very warm welcome to Senegal Spurs. We hope you all enjoy Alassane’s story – from setting out to find other Spurs Supporters in Senegal to forming an  Official THFC Supporters Club.  Massive respect and keep up the fantastic work……….


The Warm Up

Hi my name is Alassane -  Club President Tottenham Senegal.
Here is a little bit of my journey……….
I started to support Tottenham since the 2008/09 season thanks to Gareth Bale. I like to see football played this way so I did research on the club – its history, its players, everything.
At that time, I could say that I was the only one to love Tottenham in my country where you rarely see a Spurs Fan.
I told myself, why not go looking for, discover or find the other supporters. I went to social networks only to find people laughing at me, joking with me, calling me names because I support Tottenham but I was never discouraged and I said to myself, why not create a Facebook group to find other fans.
I am now well established and I’m starting to see the fans sharing their stories about my project for the club. As time goes by, it’s getting bigger and we are starting to respect each other.
I have finally created allegiances, we better know each other and have become a family. Now we are everywhere in the whole region of the country. Even during the UCL Final I was invited to a radio station to talk about the club Tottenham Senegal and I organized a big meeting to watch the final. Now here, if you ask, who is the biggest supporter of Tottenham? People tell me thanks for my wonderful work.
I am now an official club and its does not prevent me from continuing my work and reaching my goal which is to be part of the best supporters club and one day my dream will be to attend a spurs match.
As a youngster – who was your Spurs hero?

Gareth Bale
Who is your favorite player on the current team?
Dele Alli
From world football -  who would you most like to see in a Spurs jersey?
David Beckham
What is your favorite piece of Spurs memories?

I have never attended

Where in the world have you watched Spurs live outside of the UK?

Not live but….In my country in Senegal with my group at a venue

Which former player would you like to see on the current team?
Jimmy Greaves
The most memorable moment of the Spurs?
Champions League against Ajax
Who was your most disappointing signature for Spurs?
Vincent Janssen
Which Spurs players would you choose to join if you were on 

Come Dine With Me?
Harry Kane , Dele Alli & Son HM
All time Spurs XI

Campbell Toby Jan
Modric Eriksen Gascoigne Bale
Waddle Defoe 
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2 thoughts on “The struggle to form an Official Supporters Club, dinner with Dele and Sol in defence…

  1. Mouhamadou DIA says:

    I’m so delighted to see that your job is shared..
    Congratulations and as your vice president I know we can reach our goals

  2. Gora kane Dia says:

    I’m a Tottenham supporter and love truly the club, I’m from Senegal
    Coys we die!

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