Julia’s Story

Gary and Julia Yeates discovered South Dorset Spurs whilst looking for a local supporters club in Bournemouth. That was 2018, but it feels so much longer…in a good way.

They immediately invited themselves to the Oak to see what the South Dorset Spurs were all about and liked what we saw. The game was 23 December 2018 vs Everton where a 2-6 drubbing was delivered, what a way to meet the club! The club were so welcoming and easy to talk to that it felt like we’d found a second home.

It was 29 December 2018 at a Wembley match when we first saw what a match day entailed with the SDS lads and lassies. We even bought Harry, Gary’s Dad along, who is now lovingly described as ‘The Rabbi’ bosh, another member signed up. Despite not going up on the fun bus, we met up with the club in the pub and we were hooked. Subs were paid in JJ Moon’s and we were in!img_0556Picture: Lloyd, Harry, Gary, Julia & Tony at JJ Moons Pub, Wembley.

What’s so great about being in SDS is the friendship and camaraderie. Lots of fun is had and the football, good and bad keeps us all coming back together. Going to a match without being on the fun bus is not as good and we rarely do it as it’s all about the company really. The chat, the mates and a few bevvies make it a great journey! We hope to be members for many years to come and just hope that one day we will get some silverware to top it all off.img_0558Picture: Harry & Gary at the Supporters Club Wall, THFC Stadium.

Julia is a key worker and has been doing some amazing work to help keep people in touch during the C19 Pandemic. Read the story here.

img_0564Picture: Julia working with the team to help bring families closer together by setting up & distributing hand held tablets.

A massive thank you to all NHS, carers & key workers 


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