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Hello everyone and welcome to the latest installment from our series of interviews with the Spurs Family.
This week we are delighted to welcome Gaetano.
Part of the team behind a brand new shop located opposite the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium – ‘We are Tottenham Pie & Mash‘.
We wish them all the very best with their venture and very much look forward to supporting them and other local businesses when we finally return to Spurs.
That day can’t come soon enough!
Pre-Match Warm-up:
I’ve been following spurs for many years now, coming from a family that are mostly spurs fans
(excluded my auntie that for some strange reason supports West Ham, even she doesn’t know why when I ask her ha ha),
also being raised in the area was an easy choice for me to make.
Luckily for me my first ever game was a 2-1 home win vs Watford back in the 1987/88 season at the age of 7. Now 40 years old
I don’t really remember much about it, other than highlights. But I’ve been addicted to spurs ever since, and am now lucky
enough to have been a season ticket holder for a few years.
I am one half of the ownership of the New Pie & Mash Shop called We Are Tottenham Pie & Mash, which will hopefully be
opening soon! It’s been something we have been working on for a while now and I look forward to this new adventure,
whilst running over to the stadium for the game and then back to the shop again lol. COME ON YOU SPURS!!
1) Who is your all time Spurs hero? 
Well it’s a close one between Lineker and Gazza, but for me I think Gazza just take’s it, he was a special player to watch,
his skill on the ball and creativity, I still don’t think we have seen again since. Plus that free kick against Arsenal in the 90/91
FA Cup semi final was just crazy, I still remember well going nuts and jumping all over the sofa’s.
2) Who is your favourite player from the current Squad and why?
Well can only be Harry Kane for me, not just because of the obvious reason that he scores so many great goals and assists,
but also as a man he is a great roll model and professional in everything he does. Always looking to better himself after a
difficult times in his early career. Son also has to get mention though, as he has also developed into an incredible player.
3) From World football -  who would you most like to see in a Spurs shirt and why? 
What do you mean, we have all the best players already ha ha!! Honestly I think I’m a huge fan of Messi but I think
right now it would be great to see Robert Lewandowski alongside Kane, he’s another goal machine. Erling Haaland
would also be nice, he looks a real exciting talent.
4) What is your favourite piece of Spurs memorabilia? 
That would be the recently received signed shirt from Harry Kane.
5) Where in the world have you watched Spurs live (other than UK)?
Sadly I have never been lucky enough to get tickets to any away games yet, although I tried very hard for the
Champions League semi final v Ajax and Final with no luck.
6) Which former player would you love to see in the current squad? 
Again I can’t look past Gazza here, imagine his trickery and flare in this current squad, would be great to see.
Some others would be VDV, Berbatov and Modric.
7) Most memorable Spurs moment? 
There’s a question, I think most recently it has to be the semi final game against Ajax in the Champions League, the way we came back from the dead was just unbelievable and a game I will never forget, coming back like that to get to a Champions League final.
8) Which player are you most looking forward to watching when fans can safely return to the stadium?
I’m looking forward to seeing Højbjerg actually, he’s been an amazing signing and will be great to see him up close and
watch all the work he puts in. Obviously looking forward to seeing Son and Kane again as well.
9) Which Spurs players (3) would you most want to visit the shop?
I would happily accept all of them lol, but I hear Kane likes a bit of Pie & MASH, so he would be one.
Would be interested to see what Son thinks too and then Bale as well.
10) All time Spurs XI (any formation)
Don’t judge me – I put Bale at left back to fit him in (well he did start off there) lol.
Pat Jennings
Walker – King – Jan – Bale
Hoddle – Gazza – Ginola
Sheringham – Kane – Greaves
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