Benefits of Joining a Supporters Club

As a valued member of South Dorset Spurs you will receive the following benefits:

  • Home ticket priority period for Category B & C games (if you are a Hotspur or Hotspur+ member of THFC
  • Arranged tickets and travel to matches with convenient pick up points
  • No ticket administration charges for match tickets purchased via SDS (usually £1.75 per ticket)
  • Invitation to Monthly meetings
  • Regular e-mail updates, including monthly minutes
  • Text messages updating you on upcoming events and meetings
  • Assistance to members in arranging ticket and transport requirements

Our aim is to protect and enhance the good name of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club whilst also uniting together all Spurs fans from across South Dorset. During the season we will be organising transport to a selection of home matches (Tottenham Hotspur Stadium) and staging various Spurs related activities.

Supporters Club Rules 
Joining SDS: Step by Step Guide:
Step 1

You can join South Dorset Spurs Official Supporters Club at any time of the year. Firstly, go online to and fill in the Online Application: Join South Dorset Spurs.

Consider carefully before declining joining the WhatsApp groups as over 99% of the club’s business is conducted this way from General Chat to Ordering Tickets, Travel, Social Events – even ordering pre-game breakfasts at The Gilpins Bell!

Step 2

At present, U18s and O65s are free. This is to align us with THFC’s ticketing policy. We do not however, store dates of birth. If you have turned, or will turn, 18 prior to the beginning of the season, please tell us; If you will turn 65 before the beginning of the season, please tell us. This ensures that The Treasurer orders the correct age group tickets on your behalf

If you are U18 or O65, go to Step 3 otherwise continue.

Pay The Treasurer the initial joining fee AND the annual fee (currently £5 each so a total of £10 per person). The bank account details are as below. Online bank transfer is preferred but, if necessary, arrangements can be made for you to pay by cash or cheque – please contact a member of the Committee for details.

PLEASE put a reference on your payment in the form of name/membership or similar. We have over 160 members and it makes the admin significantly easier especially when the name on the account is different to the member’s name.

Account Name       South Dorset Spurs

Sort Code              30-99-56

Account Number    02217516

Step 3

Message The Secretary on 07508 063525 with your name and membership paid or free alongside. The Secretary will then contact The Treasurer and Media Lead on your behalf to give you access to the WhatsApp groups.

That’s it! You’re done!


What are the advantages of joining SDS?

It’s a group of like-minded individuals that you can be as much of, or as little of, as you like. Joining SDS gets you access to tickets through the OSC (you need to be a CRN holder at THFC), access to transport and access to the WhatsApp groups. If you just want to meet up in Weymouth or Poole to watch the televised games, that’s free!

I don’t do online banking, can I pay by cash or cheque?

Yes, but for tracking purposes we prefer online. If this creates problems, please contact a member of the Committee.

Can my U18 child join SDS if I am not a member?

Yes, but they would not be allowed to travel unaccompanied on the club transport.

GDPR rules

Important: Due to the new GDPR rules, we have had to add to tick boxes for you to OPT IN into receiving SDS communications. Therefore, please tick the appropriate boxes to receive texts and e-mails, should you so wish. If you do not then we cannot send you any communications.

The Royal Oak

Royal Oak, 52 Dorchester Road, Weymouth DT4 7JZ