We’ve got our Tottenham Back!

There were moments (quite a few actually) over the past few years where I thought, you know what, I’ve had enough! Had enough of traveling for hours watching dull, negative, un-progressive, dire football. The Season Ticket was at risk during the renewal stage, and I was quickly falling out of love with the game.

The Jose and Conte years were a hard slog. They shouldn’t have been. Serial winners at multiple clubs. They arrived at Hotspur Way, trophies spilling out of their very well-lined pockets and there was sense of belief that this would be the turning point for our great club. As you well know, it didn’t quite turn out as it should of and the ‘painful rebuild’ turned into some very costly divorces.

The 3-3 draw at Southampton was the lowest point for many fans. Eager to see Conte move the team forward. We were instead treated to an explosive rant followed by a quick Managerial departure. The high profile, trophy laden Managers were doing us a favour by gracing our Club with their presence. The level of scorn and distain as it all went West was biblical. We were on our knees and heading completely in the wrong direction.

Another one under pressure (when isn’t he??) was our Chair Man – Mr Daniel Levy. During many moments towards the end of the 2022/2023 season the ‘Levy Out’ chant was more prevalent than ‘Come on You Spurs’. With the Managerial position on its backside and the Chair Man receiving pelters, we were staring down the barrel into the football abyss. What could possibly go wrong after all this? Sell our best player? No – surely not!

A change of tac was required. High profile Managers would be touted then flung to the side like confetti. They reminded us too much of our ex’s and we needed someone who was completely off piste. Any appointment would be required to understand the Tottenham DNA, play progressive attacking football, click with the Board, the fans, and even the tea lady.

Up steps into the fray – Mr Ange Postecoglou!

So Mr Ange off of Japan and Scotland League  – who are you?

Research required because literally no one had a clue who this man was. Won trophies in Japan – ok that’s cool. Manager of Australia National Team – won a tournament with them. Mildly impressive but not overwhelming! Won multiple trophies with Celtic. Yes! Most Managers do!

So (not to go too Monty Python) what’s he going to do for Spurs?

Answer: Completely change the whole (and I mean whole) dynamic of the club.

My first thoughts on the first Big Ange press release where he uttered those infamous words from a previous Managerial dalliance (Nuno ES) – we are gonna make you proud!

Oh lordy not again…BUT from that moment on, we, the media and probably the world were hooked. Tickets purchased for the ‘Ange Train’ and off we went. Head out of the window with happiness blowing through our fine locks and big teams passed at speed; then conquered!.

Straight from the first whistle. Positive Style of play and winning mentality were up front and Centre. The change had started, and its impact was immediate. We, the loyal fans, could have been suffering from the worst hangover imaginable. Selling our prize asset and arguably our greatest player outside of the Legendary Jimmy Greaves. However, we were now enjoying the equivalent of a mint tea mixed with a super powerful aspirin. Ange Ball had arrived, and beautiful, exciting football had finally returned to The Lane.

This morning, after a win against Fulham, we sit top of the Premier League.

The Manager has two back-to-back MOTM awards sitting proudly on his sideboard.

Madders & Sonny have Players of the month – August and September respectively.

Our Youth Teams sit at the top of their respective Leagues and our Spurs Ladies are flying.

And most important of all – Even the tea ladies smiling again!

We’ve got our TOTTEHAM back!

Up the Spurs!