Dare to Dream

It can be incredibly satisfying as a football fan, heading into the weekend bank of fixtures knowing we will still be top of the League come Monday morning. This situation is particularly unusual (as a Spurs fan), having endured so many false dawns.

The Premier League era has been far from kind to us. It’s left us bruised, weary, vulnerable, and always on the lookout for the nightmare fixture that waits around the corner, and the inevitable fall that follows.

The match on Friday night at Selhurst Park (against Crystal Palace) may, on previous occasions, overwhelmed us to the point where we were expected to fully capitulate and as many rival fans are more than happy to say – bottle it!

However, once again, for this NEW Spurs side – it wasn’t too be!

The final stages of the match were extremely nervy. Palace knocked on the door and could have snatched an equalizer at the very end. Our defense and newfound resilience remained firm, final whistle blew, and another 3 points were added to an already impressive tally.

A 5-point cushion (yes five) now sat between us and the chasing pack.

The Premier League is considered one of the best in the world. Most watched but also because the quality of teams is so much better. The chasing pack in the EPL consists of Manchester City, Liverpool, Newcastle, Aston Villa, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United and even Brighton. Italy, Germany, France, and many other countries have a pack of only 2 or 3 teams at best that may contribute towards a tilt at the League. So, when Spurs head to the top of the League and open a little, but noticeable gap, it’s time to buckle up and start asking questions. Primary one being – Could we?

Of course, it is too early to tell. We are just a few matches in and once the so-called big boys find their feet, they will start to dominate, and we will fall away because that’s what Spurs are expected to do and will do.

Or will they?

At moments like this I look towards two specific football teams for Inspiration. Those being Leicester City and AFC Wrexham. Leicester were the 5000-1 underdogs that went on to win the Premier League and in some style. The planets aligned, the players were superb, and the Manager turned from tinker man into Premier League Winner. It is considered one of the greatest miracles in football terms and will remain so for many years. Then there is AFC Wrexham. Like many others I am hooked on the documentary and now follow their results every match. They are, for all intents and purposes, my favourite second team. Years spent in the National League, starved of investment. Then as if by magic, along comes Hollywood, an enthusiastic manager (Sweary Phil), some quality players, and promotion to the Football League follows.

Obviously, there is a lot more to it than that.

If only it could be that simple?

So, to cut to the chase – the reason I mention those specific teams is because – dreams and miracles (in football terms) can happen!

It is not a dream or miracle if City or Liverpool win. Nor Manchester United or Arsenal. But I tell you what, it would be if Spurs did it!

Serial bottlers with the ‘Spursy’ tag would proper upset the apple cart. No oil & gas or state funded money through our doors – Oh no!

Success achieved through a sustainable plan set out buy our illustrious owners who, only few months back, were considered only fit for the gallows.

After selling arguably our greatest player (Harry Kane). Spurs have a Fantastic Manager, brilliant players, and a fan base desperate for success. The mix is perfect; we are winning football matches in style, and the planets are starting to align.

So, what now?

These are exciting times. The weekends forthcoming fixtures will be monitored for points lost by our closest competitors. We then look towards Monday and the fixture against West London rivals, Chelsea. Outside of the North London Derby, the return of Poch makes this one of the most anticipated fixtures in years.

We are now looking at which Team will eventually trip us up, and burst our happy bubble. I’m sure, and of course hope, it will NOT be Chelsea! But Poch and his team will be up for the fight.

Unless I am wrong – West Ham were the first EPL Team to win at the new ground, so maybe them?

Either way – if we are still in the same position come Christmas……

Miracles and Dreams might just come true!

Up the Spurs!

Next Fixture…..

Tottenham Hotspur v Chelsea

Monday 6th November 2023

Kick Off: 20:00 Hrs